Adam Watts, 50x Platinum Writer / Producer

"When it comes to a collaborator, I'm always looking for someone who checks their ego at the door but also brings with them a strong and authentic sense of artistic identity. I want them to really care and be engaged in the process, highly skilled, full of ideas, and always in a mindset of putting the song first. A "yes and" kind of person, who understands creative momentum and flows with it. Enoch Yang checks all of these boxes. What's especially cool about Enoch is, I always sense that he's scanning the situation for a void he can fill and he just gets to work filling it. He's also tech savvy and simultaneously focused on the emotion of the work. He's on a very short list of people I'd call to help out on a project."

Cory Clark, Guitarist / Producer

“It’s rare to meet someone focused and driven  who also has such a depth of talent. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Enoch in many different settings. Co-writing, collaborating, production... and he always brings a lot to the table, no matter the role. Enoch is an artist who can wear many hats. And wear them all at the same time.”

Judy Kim, Writer / producer

Enoch is professional and you know you'll get things done the right way every time. Quality is one of his top priorities, which I personally appreciate as a fellow creator and musician. His knowledge of music production and engineering is extensive and impressive, as well as his keyboard skills. Enoch is a trusted musician for many and it is always a joy making music with him.