Enoch Yang

Hi, I’m Enoch. I’m a minimalist pop artist / producer.

I work with indie artists who want to learn how to create a radio ready production

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The Skinny

My name’s Enoch. I’m a minimalist pop artist/producer. I work with songwriters who are looking to learn how to create a radio ready production.

The Journey

Everyone has a unique story. I’m so thankful for all the artists that I work with and the ways that they’ve impacted my life and journey. One of my favorite things about working with singer-songwriters is hearing about their lives and the lives of the people they work with; and how they communicate these amazing life stories in holistic, multifaceted ways. Who they are, and the history associated with that, comes out in the art they make. Music has a distinct way of helping others feel things that can’t be communicated with just words. My goal and passion is to help you tell others about that amazing journey while helping you branch into a genre you’re passionate about.

The process

You have a unique artistic process. My passion is meeting you within that process and helping you be the best artist you can be. Everyone is in a different stage within their career, and my goal is to help you out, not only in the studio recording side of things, but also as someone who has his own growing process and is learning new things constantly. The world deserves people who help each other grow. Let’s do that.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, I’d love to hear from you. If you want me to produce you, or are even just thinking about it, click below to schedule a *FREE* consultation call!


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